Song writing

It’s good you eat someone’s food but not everyday,you don’t have to be a professional cook or chef to cook your own food. You find out that you get satisfied eating your food than eating those so called professional chefs food. This is the same as writing your song, you could have a good chorus that you sing maybe will washing the dishes or doing some house chores,you fill great singing your own songs and if you are an artist that buy song from people maybe you want to learn a few tips on writing your own song.

Before I drop down this tips I will like to say for more professional songwriting or you want me to write a song for you just email me.

Tip1: Think of a moment either fiction or reality.

The other tips will come in my subsequent post. Thanks and I love you all.


Riffs and Runs(blues scale)

Many singers all over the world have come on contact one way or the other with this scale, it being used in a lot of songs especially in blues,jazz and some R&B music. Here I will be dropping the note for you to try and also do it with speed by pronouncing it with the ha sound i.e ha ha ha ha ha but here you will be pronouncing the do,mo,fa,fi,so,to,do and back again. I will upload a short video where you can see and practice through.

Singers like Tori Kelly,R Kelly ,withney Houston and some other prominent musicians use this very dynamics in beautifying the art. Start practicing today it doesn’t matter if you are the best you can still learn something from a kid and you will break bounds.

He waited for me!!!!

Today is Sunday and I expected us have kept this day in peace either by going to our respective place of worship or by residing at our home listening to music. I just want you to think of this ,how many times has God saved you and you still don’t have a song in his name or don’t even sing his praise,now you will say that I am a spiritualist but it is the truth.

I have written a lot of songs in his name and I also love this particular song by Travis Greene titled “you waited” it a song that actually reminded me of where I’m coming from and how he has kept me all through, before I got into college and after. I just want you to take this time to sing a sing a short chorus to God because he kept you even though you are going about you business especially when you are a singer,producer, instrumentalist and so on and you do not have time to remember especially when you are not a Gospel singer and you believe in God but if you are not let me tell you, you are missing! I will share my story then advise you because your

gift is important to you and also to God.

I was looking for admission in to the university because in Nigeria it is very difficult,I left singing in the choir because all my mate had gotten and even my juniors so I went solo,after a word from my mum I sprang back and before you know it God had His way and I got three different admissions two universities and a polytechnic. Now I’m doing my National youth service corp programme which is compulsory and I had the best results during graduation in my department. He also blessed me with write skills also side the singing skill and also instrument and many more to come.

He will continually increase your skill if only you believe, be it you as a Gospel singer,blues etc just don’t sing polluted songs put God first you will ask yourself on day Where would I be if God left you and that’s because you believed and he will wait for you just as he waited for me. God bless you and have a great week ahead.

Morning Vibes

Before you set out of you apartment or mansion, have you taken time to listen to a wonderful song that will keep you going all through the day?

Here are some list of vibe you should check out ;

1. Way maker by Sinach

2. How great is our God

3. Grace by Solomon Lange

4. Oceans by Hillsong

5. Better by Jessica Reed

Listening to these songs will definitely make you have a great day and a wonderful start.


Music is the food for the soul but when it is not cooked well who will consume it?,many people sing today with out knowing the rudiments of singing, there are alot of of dynamics to singing and I am here to dymistify them as we proceeds.

First things first I will like to write on Riffs and runs. Riffs and runs are the basics of singing that’s if you want to sing professionally. It is like an exercise you do to your muscles. Riffs are repeated notes that are taken or practice to warmup your singing muscles. I call it the practise of climbing stairs faster , lets imagine ahigh stairs of height three story building, if you have been running through that stairs for the past six(6)month you can’t be compared to a vistor nor to a regular that walks only on the stair.

Running any riffs like do,re,mi,fa,so,fa,mi,re,do constantly and also modulate it is a nice way to start. It prevent you from shouting while singing,it prevent you voice from cracking.

It enables you own the stage.

I have packaged a training on my YouTube channel to be released during the course of the week, you could also download a how to sing app on Google play store to start practicing Riff and Runs.My Channel will be communicated to you.